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"First half good, second half awful."
The first half is great, crystal clear, good enjoyable video. The problem is the second half is awful, completely out of focus, can't see what's going on at all some of the time, very grainy. matty8567, 8/4/16
Great vid! The pies were great, the chemistry between the two girls seemed genuine. The way she teases her at the en. You can tell she thoroughly enjoys exerting her dominance! Bravo! Two thumbs up, would love to see more of these girls! Sparbaroku, 5/17/16
Amazing scene. If you like messy hair then you'll love this. Cute girl with slow, lingering reactions. gungedwam, 4/16/16
"You will cum :)"
Simple amazing! Girls are hot, booties are great, pies as perfect. One thing would have made it perfect would have been pied booty! Highly recommend this scene! wannapienaked, 4/4/16
"Smiles and Slimes"
I loved this video, and I wish I saw more of her! She's bubbly, gorgeous, and in a very sexy outfit. Possibly one of the earlier videos but a gem nonetheless. nr14, 12/19/15
"Another great video with Rachel--definately a must buy for fans"
Another beauty that i have not seen before--Rachel is awesome again in this, the pies are good, the way she moves her head after being pied gives that lovely hair movement which is lovely to see, and this is generally another great video that i highly recommend people buy, it's brilliant! HCW7, 7/10/15
"Rachel, fun and lovely, a great video to buy and enjoy"
Have never seen this video before, but what a download! Loved every moment of it, Rachel is lovely in front of the camera, the mess is good and well distributed, this video is a must buy! HCW7, 7/10/15
"Very disappointed."
My high hopes for this video were dashed. The models seemed bored or disinterested in the game and the whole concept felt convoluted. All in all, very disappointed. Skypacer2000, 2/17/15
"A better interview scene."
While most of these "interview" scenes has the model complaining about being pied and messed, Elizabeth's scene takes the pleasant change by having not only enjoying the pieing but getting into it as well. I had only wished they had her wear a white top; it would have been icing on the cake... or in this case, whipped cream on the pie. Skypacer2000, 2/17/15
"Glorious nudity with intermittent mess"
In my opinion, the best thing about this video isn't the WAM content, which is pretty modest relative to the video's running time. The best thing is getting to spend the lion's share of an hour with these two attractive young women, who, with the exception of a few moments when they play directly to the camera, act like they had planned all along to spend the afternoon rolling around in a pool full of whipped topping and chocolate syrup, with occasional shrieking trips down the Slip 'n Slide for good measure. We, the audience, just happen to have stumbled into their fun. Lucky us.

Our presence certainly doesn't put them off their game. They quickly ditch their skimpy swimsuits, affording us ample opportunity to enjoy their lovely, entirely natural bodies as they slide, slither and writhe through the pool and surrounding yard, occasionally pausing to douse each other with chocolate syrup, or splatter one another with handfuls of whipped topping from a handy bucket, or indeed to liberally hose themselves down with one of the numerous cans of aerosol whipped cream (or something similar perhaps the much-missed canned Cool Whip?) they've procured for the occasion. I'm not a particular fan of canned whipped cream as a WAM substance, but it's used to good effect here bikini bottoms (before they're discarded) are filled to bulging, faces and breasts and other good bits are sprayed in liberal fire-extinguisher style, and at one point an entire can is emptied over one of the participants' lovely little ass. Unfortunately, a lot of the best of this action happens in the pool, which isn't in the foreground. It's a frustratingly long shot, but it's satisfying enough, and the fact that these young ladies spend at least half the video cavorting completely (and unself-consciously) nude makes up for it.

The second video is actually the same action, but viewed from a close-up shot of the pool. This is mostly a good thing, because you'll get an excellent view of all the stuff that made you scream "Damn it, zoom the #@%(&* in on that!" during the first video. However, it's such a close angle that unless the girls are kneeling in the pool, you really only see them from the waist down. You miss some action early on, but the best moments (i.e. that can-of-whipped-cream-over-the-ass scene) deliver most of what you were probably hoping for, so the final few minutes of the video, in which you stare at an empty pool while the girls are squealing and giggling out of shot) are a forgivable anticlimax.

Fans of steamier girl/girl action will probably be disappointed here one of the participants seems like she's up for it, taking every opportunity to grab, fondle, lick or just writhe against the various yummy bits of her partner... who, tragically, doesn't seem up for reciprocating.

Bottom line: if you need constant WAM in your WAM videos, this one might not be for you. If you enjoy watching cute, natural girl-next-door types running around nude, wet and occasionally messy, and seemingly enjoying the activity for its own sake rather than consciously Making A Video, Messy Pool Fun is recommended. itsagaz, 1/19/15
"Too long and repetitive."
I thought it was too long and got boring and repetitive after a while. It would have been better if it had been short or if she had done different things with it, like put more of it in her hair, or had been naked like some of the other girls, or at least seemed more interested. I'm sure someone else would enjoy this, but I didn't particularly enjoy it. mthorpe85, 5/13/14
"Two Suggestions: (1) More, better pies; (2) A lot less talking"
(Note: when I wrote this review the names of the two models in this scene weren't listed anywhere so I'm going to have to refer to them as "baseball girl" and "cheerleader." This isn't because I'm a jerk who views women as objects I just couldn't find their names anywhere.)

How do I say this?

There's a sad day in every man's life when he realizes that even if a woman is incredibly attractive, she can be so annoying that he wants her to go away. Even if she's naked. Even if she's naked and covered in pie.

That's kind of the deal here. You've got baseball girl and cheerleader squaring off for a game of... well, something resembling baseball, or batting practice, or whatever. As a departure from the usual lighter games and rock-paper-scissors stuff it's fine. And apparently after each hit/strike/foul/whatever, someone gets hit with a pie, or loses a piece of clothing, or whatever. All laudable.

The trouble is, baseball girl is talking a mile a minute and generally goofing off, and not in an endearing way. If Jenny McCarthy and Kathy Griffin teamed up to teach an on-camera class, this young lady would clearly have been one of their star pupils. Perhaps she's drunk, or high, or simply high on life (a term people used in the '70s and '80s to describe people who probably had ADHD), but she's nuts.

This wouldn't be much of a problem if we got to kick back and watch her get pied into oblivion, but that just doesn't happen. There are pies, but they're runny ones, indifferently applied, and we don't get to linger over the hits nearly as long as we'd like to. Baseball girl gets a pie down her pants or panties, but it's lost in the mayhem. And nobody gets pied in the face, as far as I can tell cheerleader gets a pie in the back of the head, but that's as good as it gets in that department.

Yes, both women eventually get naked, which confirms that (a) they're both hot, (b) baseball girl has the sort of gravity- and anatomy-defying boob job that I like to call a "Marty Feldman", and (c) smaller but natural breasts, as cheerleader presents to us, are no less awesome for being slightly smaller. And yes, it's easy enough to mute the video. But in the end, this isn't a very satisfying WAM video. itsagaz, 3/14/14
"Playful mock-bondage gunging masterpiece"
This is without a doubt one of the best videos I've seen. Everything about it--the colourful pies, thick custardy gunge being unflinchingly poured, the wonderful reactions of the not-so-unwilling recipient, the mock indignation, the pulling the dress down, noise's familiar gonzo shooting style, and the slippery gloopy slime surprise at the end--this for me is as near a perfect realisation of my messy fantasies as I am ever likely to see.

Until, of course, my next favourite video comes along. Can't see that happening for a while though.

Cracking stuff. Full marks, 5/5. Can't recommend this scene enough. thereald, 2/6/14
"its a.txt file"
i can not download. this is a txt file

pls. send right Jos, 10/26/13
"An outstanding way to do a four girl WAM scene."
This is a marked improvement from the brilliant-in-its-own-right "pie train" scenes from 2009. The biggest improvement was that the producer and models make use of chocolate/strawberry syrup to break the monotony of throwing nothing but pies. It's a simple change, but one that makes for a much more interesting and visually stunning scene. The concept is simple enough: conveyor belt-like delivery of mess from one model to the other until the table of stuff is cleaned off. No questions, no games, just wam.

the models were all dressed the same, which struck me as a little odd. When given the chance to see four models in one scene I would prefer each model look unique, expressing her own style. This isn't a huge criticism, but still felt like a wasted opportunity to make the scene even more dynamic.

Yes, there was a minute cut out, but it was from very early in the scene, losing two simple pie hits. The action will pick up and by the end you won't even care about the missing minute.

One of the things that may bother some viewers is the models' instinct to block hits with their arms and hands, even going so far as to duck away sometimes. This happens just about every time. Perhaps it was because of the counter-intuitive "contest" to see who can stay the cleanest, perhaps the models weren't instructed to just stand there. But anyone who gets frustrated by WAM models blocking pies to the face or slime over the head should be prepared to see that in this video. As you can tell by the preview pics, everyone does get pretty covered in the end, but you can't help but feel that the applications of mess would've been better overall had the producer encouraged the models to accept getting messy.

Despite all that I loved this scene and it's definitely worth the buy (in fact, $12 is the definition of a value). How often can you see four attractive models take turns messing each other up? They engaged in good, unforced banter so no awkward silence and no bad acting. The "train" concept is still very rare but, as this video proves, it's a fantastic way to carry out an unscripted multi-girl scene. Though it is not perfect, though there are still ways a producer can improve upon it, I recommend checking it out. gness7, 8/7/11
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